Wednesday, June 20, 2018

🐪✡XJP: ‘Why Have’ You Fucked China In Singapore Summit?’ KJU: ‘Buy My Nukes And I’ll Get Israel Let You Share Nobel Prize W’ Trump’.

🐪✡XJP: ‘Why Have’ You Fucked China In Singapore Summit?’  KJU: ‘Buy My Nukes And I’ll Get Israel Let You Share Nobel Prize W’ Trump’.وقال الّذِين استُضعِفُوا لِلّذِين استكبرُوا بل مكرُ اللّيلِ والنّهارِ✡🐫
🐪Trump & KJU Had Wang Yi China’s Biggest Idiot Ass as Deranged Party Pimp. Now He’s Desperately Fabricating New Fiction for China’s Fools That Xi Jinping and Himself Are the All-time Winners Ain’t the Duo Losers of Singapore Summit When Things Went Faster Than They Ever Expected and Without China’s Influence يحسبُون الأحزاب لم يذهبُوا وإِن يأتِ الأحزابُ يودُّوا لو أنّهُم بادُون فِي الأعرابِ يسألُون عن أنبائِكُم ولو كانُوا فِيكُم مّا قاتلُوا إِلّا قلِيلًا  🐫
🐪KJU Returns US Soldiers Remains🐫
🐫The Best Moment in Time: Trump Returns Salute of North Korean General at Summit, State Media Footage Reveals.واذكروا نعمة الله عليكم إذا كنتم أعداءً فألّف بين قلوبكم فأصبحتُم بنعمته إخواناً🐪
Eid Mubarak🐫🐪🐫
Trump’s Bold Historic Gamble
🐫Jealous! Patrick J. Buchanan: What Does Kim Want, and What Is He Willing to Pay for It? KJU Wants KFC & Trump’s Wig. He’s Willing to Pay Nothing  as  Chairman Mao Zedong did. He Allowed Richard Nixon to Back Trillions of Worthless Chinese Renminbi by Fiat Dollars Printed Outta Thin Air in 1972. Nixon’s Overture to Beijing Back Then Bubbled the US Economy Twofold. قال اجعلنِي على خزآئِنِ الأرضِ إِنِّي حفِيظٌ علِيمٌ🐪

✡🐪After Meeting With KJU, Trump Calls Press America's 'Biggest Enemy'. Now You Know Who’s Your Real Enemy✡ Dumbass!! Yup! Israeli Nymphomaniacs Controlled Media Are Fucking US Mindsets أوكُلّما عاهدُوا عهداً نّبذهُ فرِيقٌ مِّنهُم بل أكثرُهُم لا يُؤمِنُون🐫✡

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