Thursday, June 28, 2018

🐫 Would Someone Volunteered then and Said to Those Ugly Bitches That Their SHOWDOWN Neither Funny nor Entertaining. I Ain't Quite Sure What the Freak Duo Were Fed Before Fleeing Mainland China to Civility. They Must Been Watching CCTV-7 Broadcasting Propaganda That Chinese Are Super Human Forms and the Rest of the World Are Monkeys. I Won't Blame Tokyo Restaurateurs When They Refuse to Serve Those Greased Whores and Kick ‘em Out. They Must Be Lynched from Their Clitoris than Fined $8.50 Each for Funk Dance Over Sabah Mosque Wall.إِنّما المُشرِكُون نجسٌ فلا يقربُوا المسجِد🐫🐪

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