Monday, May 7, 2018

🐫Schneiderman Was Battering Women to Stop ‘em Opening Their Legs up High and their mouths wide during working hours. Unbelievable! Ain't He Grops 'em as Trump Does? Oh no That's Boring, Ain’t Romantic from Mediawhores Perspective, Alas ain’t Offensive and Funny to Feature. Fox F✡cked-up the American Mindset. They’re Ain’t Enough Blood in Schneiderman’s RHETORICS to Suck. الظّانِّين بِاللّهِ ظنّ السّوءِ عليهِم دائِرةُ السّوءِ وغضِب اللّهُ عليهِم ولعنهُم🐪

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