Tuesday, May 22, 2018

🐫OH HELL NO. Sanders Announced He’s Running Again. Bernie Must Be Arrested and Sent Away Into Solitary Confinement. He’s a Stooopid Distractor. Dems Got No Power to Get the House, the Senate and the White House. If Americans Think Trump Is Potus Then They Need To See their Gynecologists Because They’re Mass-Pregnant. USA Is Run by Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump Ain’t Allowed to use the Lavatory Without Bibi’s Permission. So Are the US Congress’s 100 Senators & 435 Representatives. Back to Sanders. If the Israelis Quarantined Him as rabid Nun in Vermont . Who Dares to Let Him Run DC?والّذين كفرُوا بعضُهُم أولِياء بعضٍ إِلاّ تفعلُوهُ تكُن فِتنةٌ فِي الأرضِ وفسادٌ كبِيرٌ🐪

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