Wednesday, April 11, 2018

🐫Zuck's Fuckocrasy At The Senate Between Dems Whores, Deranged Republicans & Bribed Teeebagarzzz. (Except The Only Quatro Honorables Cantwell, Durbin,Graham & Leahy), No Negroes Please.. Let’s Scoob...

🐫Zuck's Fuckocrasy At The Senate Between Dems Whores, Deranged Republicans & Bribed Teeebagarzzz. (Except The Only Quatro Honorables  Cantwell, Durbin,Graham & Leahy), No Negroes Please.. Let’s Scoob...  GRASSLEY: Deadly Boring And Desperate To Be Laughed At. THUNE: Charming Zuckerberg As Foreplaying Scarlett O'hara. FEINSTEIN: Got Orgasm On Zuckerberg Hiring 25,000 Israeli Amateurs To Fuck The World. NELSON: a Liberal On Marijuana. HATCH: Holmes & Moriarty Controversy. CANTWELL: Great Jab. WICKER: ISP Stands For Internet (Idiots) Service (Stooopid) Providers (Pimp). LEAHY: Zuckerberg’s Worst Nightmare. GRAHAM: Zuckerberg’s Armageddon. KLOBUCHAR: An Israeli Distracting Whore to save  Zuckerberg from Leahy  & Graham Breach, Crime, Infraction, Misdeed, Misdemeanor, Sin, Transgression, Wrongdoing, Delinquency, Fault, Lapse, Malfeasance, Peccadillo, Wrong. BLUNT: The Usual Gop Pretender, Dissembler, Deceiver, Liar, Pietist, Sanctimonious Person, Plaster Saint, Phony, Fraud, Sham, Fake. DURBIN: Crème De La Crème. CORNYN: Heal Zuckerberg’s wounds afflicted by Durbin. BLUMENTHAL: Innocent Facebook Was Deceived By Aleksandr Kogan Who Sold User Information To Cambridge Analytica. CRUZ: A Bribed Teeebagar to defend, protect, shield, guard, safeguard Outfucked Fox. SHELDON: Misspoken Liberal Obstructive Beauract.  LEE: Who Died and kept Him in The Senate? SCHATZ: He’s Appointed In Hawaii To Save The Golden Jewish Baby; Zuckerberg. FISCHER: Hyperactivity Disordered, Depressed Stat-Maniac. COONS: Bragged About Zuckerberg’s $40B Penis. SASSE: Fucking The First Amendment To Save The Second Amendment. MARKEY: A Turncock  Meticulously Detailing Blumenthal WikiTrash. FLAKE:  Tarzan Sucking Zuckerberg’s Cock To Save Zimbabwe using Rohingya to have something to talk about. HIRONO: The Geisha Bitch Begged Zuckerberg To Aid Trump To Run Ice Extreme Vetting Initiative. SULLIVAN:  The Idiot Thinks That Facebook's Was Built The Jewish Dumbass Seated Before Him Not The Chinese Whore Seated Right Behind Zuckerberg And The Indians Who Goldman Sachs Evaporated Them. UDALL: The Tightass Councelling  Zuckerberg To Be The ‘honest Ads Act’ Advocate For Law. MORAN: Bug Bounty Program Bullcrap. BOOKER: Monotonous  Propublica, Black Lives Matter, Philando Castile's Killing.كانُوا لا يتناهون عن مُّنكرٍ فعلُوهُ لبِئس ما كانُوا يفعلُون  ترى كثِيرًا مِّنهُم يتولّون الّذِين كفرُوا لبِئس ما قدّمت لهُم أنفُسُهُم أن سخِط اللّهُ عليهِم وفِي العذابِ هُم خالِدُون🐪

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