Thursday, March 22, 2018

🐫I Ain’t Neither a Liberal Hippie nor a Conservative Hypocrite. I Am a Hardcore Libertarian and I Love it When Joe Biden Gets Trump’s Undivided Attention. He’s the Only American Refused to Vote for the Patriot Act Beside Ron Paul. He Trashed Trump in One Sentence. “ I’ve Been in a Lot of Locker Rooms My Whole Life. I’m a Pretty Damn Good Athlete,” Biden Told a Crowd of Listeners. “any Guy That Talked That Way Was Usually the Fattest, Ugliest S.o.b. in the Room.” This Is Not the First Time Biden Has Made This Kind of Threat. “ I Wish We Were in High School — I Could Take Him Behind the Gym. That’s What I Wish,” the Former Vice President Said at a Rally for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania in 2016. أكُفّارُكُم خيرٌ مِّن أُولئِكُم أم لكُم براءةٌ فِي الزُّبُرِ 🐪

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