Tuesday, February 13, 2018

🐪🐫Why Is Justin Trudeau So Obsessed With Islam? Great Question Israel! and the Answer Which Strikes My Mind; Why Ain’t Jews Hold Their Miniature "penises" Tight and Their Godsend Ugliness to Their Own Outfucked Promised Endeavor Than Insulting Themselves Warmongering Worldwide Uninvited as Having Sex? والّذِين كفرُوا أعمالُهُم كسرابٍ بِقِيعةٍ يحسبُهُ الظّمآنُ ماء حتّى إِذا جاءهُ لم يجِدهُ شيئًا ووجد اللّه عِندهُ فوفّاهُ حِسابهُ واللّهُ سرِيعُ الحِسابِ 🐫🐪🐫

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