Tuesday, August 8, 2017

🔯🕎Hamas called Hamsa in Hebrew. Invented by Judeo-Safavid to fool Yanks to finish Arabs. Iran supplies blanks to Hamas via Hezbollah to shoot Israelis. As per Hamsa Judaica Symbol that you find in every Israeli, Hezbollah and Palestinian House; Israel murders 5 Palestinians for each blank shot and if an Israeli die of farting then it’s 13 Palestinians for a dead Jew. Since World MediaWhores are fucked by Jews. Facts are buried and the opposite is reported to US Congress 100 senators and 435 representatives that Arming Israel for free is Sacrosanct🔯🕎. وقُلنا مِن بعدِهِ لِبنِي إِسرائِيل اسكُنُوا الأرض فإِذا جاء وعدُ الآخِرةِ جِئنا بِكُم لفِيفًا

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