Wednesday, July 26, 2017

☪✝✡Troy SB Credit: This is Muhammad MooseCode from Mudslime BrothelHood, he ruled Egypt for a year and fucked 2000000000 Belly Dancers using Shakira law. Still he thinks that Democracy is NWO scam that turned Egypt from 5000 years old WhoreHouse to Beggar’s Fuckocrasy. ✡✝☪ يا أيُّها الّذِين آمنُوا لا تتولّوا قومًا غضِب اللّهُ عليهِم قد يئِسُوا مِن الآخِرةِ كما يئِس الكُفّارُ مِن أصحابِ القُبُورِ

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