Thursday, July 13, 2017

🤳Look at Who Abu Dhabi Deployed to COMBAT Aljazeera MediaWhores Holy War. Gargash, An Amateur College Boy w’ No Streets’ Knowledge who stands no chance to combat an Army of Prostitoootes who fled our sewers to surface in Aljazeera Studios Worldwide. Hustling and fighting, scratching, and Biting, using Gargash’s GoogledJunk, WikiTrash and MediaWhores HorseManure Narratives, against Abu Dhabi in Aikido style. Turning their Nemeses to laughingstocks and winning hearts, souls and foolish of minds masses🤳 ما إِنّ مفاتِحهُ لتنُوءُ بِالعُصبةِ أُولِي القُوّةِ إِذ قال لهُ قومُهُ لا تفرح إِنّ اللّه لا يُحِبُّ الفرِحِين

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