Monday, June 5, 2017

😲WHO ANAL FLOSS: The United States Among Least Polluting Nations on the Planet(WTH?) WTF! USA, China & India together, emit 60% of World Co2 to the atmosphere. ‘Fuck the Climate’ as Trump said in his Covfefe Address; “Let’s make money outta the Global Warming Technologies” The climate is HAARPed. You wanna Sunshine… PAY. You wanna Rain… PAY. You wanna Snow in July… PAY. You wanna Earthquakes, Floods, Landslides… PAY. You wanna Hurricanes during Election… PAY. Capisce😲 ولئِن أخّرنا عنهُمُ العذاب إِلى أُمّةٍ مّعدُودةٍ لّيقُولُنّ ما يحبِسُهُ ألا يوم يأتِيهِم ليس مصرُوفًا عنهُم وحاق بِهِم مّا كانُوا بِهِ يستهزِؤُون

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