Friday, June 2, 2017

🚩The 5 biggest deceptions in Trump’s Paris climate speech:

1) No, an agreement cannot be both nonbinding and draconian (Spoiler: Paris is the former)
2) No, Paris cannot be “renegotiated”
3) No, abiding by the agreement will not cost the US a bazillion dollars
4) No, China and India are not getting away with anything
5) No, other nations are not laughing at us behind our backs — or they weren’t, anyway🚩
.إِنّما النّسِيءُ زِيادةٌ فِي الكُفرِ يُضلُّ بِهِ الّذِين كفرُوا يُحِلِّونهُ عامًا ويُحرِّمُونهُ عامًا لِّيُواطِؤُوا عِدّة ما حرّم اللّهُ فيُحِلُّوا ما حرّم اللّهُ زُيِّن لهُم سُوءُ أعمالِهِم

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