Saturday, May 6, 2017

🔱Palestinian Prisoners always on Hunger Strike, none were reported DEAD from Starvation since the Genesis of Israel. To keep ‘em alive, They’re Force-Fed clandestinely. Is this a Game or what? Ain’t it another Zionist Scam as the 35,000 Haneyah’s Penis Size Rockets which killed none, but a deranged Drunk Thai Farmer in 25 years of Intifada. Both Abbas and Haneyah knew that if a Jew DIES OverFarting in bed, Israel will hold Arabs responsible, and execute 100 Muslims in cold blood, why ain’t you go Baghdadi style, who’s fighting 80 nations single-handedly? 🔱 ذرهُم يأكُلُوا ويتمتّعُوا ويُلهِهِمُ الأملُ

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