Monday, May 29, 2017

GARGASH: Qatar’s Behavior Threatens Gulf Stability

👺Not even close. Taimur Khan! Reset your spelling checker. Psst: it’s ‘behavior’. GARGASH is bluffing. Qatar ain’t that sovereign to survive as Prostitute and Party Pimping Nation. As we speak; US, Iran, Palestinians, Egyptians & Hezbollah are sharing the Trenches, committing genocide against Sunnis in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Sheikh Tamim, told Trump, Salman & his GCC Poodles: ‘Up Yours’. He ain’t ditch’n Iran, Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Muslim Brotherhood. Qatari Citizens that Tamim is fattening can’t be trusted, they’re in fact Iranians & Stateless Arabs. They won’t override their Diaspora DNA as GARGASH himself. It drives ‘em Zombies by default to Iranian SleeperCells to execute Ayatollah Agenda when activated. Tamim built $1B worth, fully funded US Air Base in Al Udeid as PMC to Safeguard his Dynasty from his own people👺
واتّقُوا فِتنةً لاّ تُصِيبنّ الّذِين ظلمُوا مِنكُم خآصّةً واعلمُوا أنّ اللّه شدِيدُ العِقاب واذكُرُوا إِذ أنتُم قلِيلٌ مُّستضعفُون فِي الأرضِ تخافُون أن يتخطّفكُمُ النّاسُ فآواكُم وأيّدكُم بِنصرِهِ ورزقكُم مِّن الطّيِّباتِ
GARGASH: Qatar’s Behavior Threatens Gulf Stability\

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