Wednesday, April 26, 2017

😀Let Ann Coulter speak😁

🤣BREAKING A WHORE TO BE A HOOKER. Why Berkley’s Fucking-Far-Left Bans Ann Coulter Bark at 6:00PM. What Far-Right Mouthpieces got besides, the same old Deadly Boring Recycled GoogledJunk, WikiTrash and MediaWhores HorseManure, here’s some of her specimens... Kim Jong Un will strike Vegas, Baghdadi molested Ivanka in Kirkuk Zoo, Obamacare misused by HoNiggas, Syrian & Somali refugee Control Pork Abattoirs. Fund PentagonJunk & General’s Liposuction Surgeries. Let her open her legs, up-high, all-night-long, let’s see what this Tranny got🤣
يتعلّمُون ما يضُرُّهُم ولا ينفعُهُم ولقد علِمُوا لمنِ اشتراهُ ما لهُ فِي الآخِرةِ مِن خلاقٍ ولبِئس ما شروا بِهِ أنفُسهُم لو كانُوا يعلمُون

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