Tuesday, January 3, 2017

❌ Anal Floss: Oh Boy! Paul Ryan easily reelected as House speaker. WTF! DC is Karachi. ❌

⚠️He’s the same Dumbass who’s unable to close his argument during Republicans’ Government Shutdown 9yo scam. Obama toyed Paul Ryan to Toys"R"Us lecturing Clown from Princeton to CFR⚠️paul-ryan-easily-reelected

⚠️The process of building the impeachment case needs to begin now! Trump creepier than Nixon. Trump will commit impeachable offenses. There is no way to contain this lose gun other than removing him from office, before the damage to democracy is irrevocable⚠️

❃Stop Fucking Facebook for Pickled Elvis Penis Sake. if you ain’t stoic, let’s know, we’ll remove it. To avoid being Axed by Facebook again, we'll quit posting at your end❃

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