Monday, December 5, 2016

❌The Fuck of History❌


Ben Carson got Housing Secretary Job. The HoNigga told CNN; it’s OK for Trump to go on groping women, simply because women ain’t got balls to brag about their sexual assault with their brothers.



Bolton on Trump's Taiwan Call: China Doesn't Tell Us Who We Can Talk To. It’s too early to jump. Trumpsters!

Bolton gone suicidal to get Secretary of State job. My Christmas wish is to get a tweezer to pluck every hair outta Bolton’s mustache which looks like Samango Pubis. Dumb & Dumber. Bolton was hired for UN job by George Bush ‘the kid’. The Irony is that Bolton still thinks that he’s under qualified.

U.S. trade deficit with Taiwan is $10B. Export $19B Import $ 29B.

 U.S. trade deficit with China is $260B. Export $80B Import $ 340B.

❌Trump called Tsai Ing-wen to congratulated Taiwanese fools for the Orwellian war stunt they staged for 38 years which generated Gazillions of Dollars’ worth of PentagonJunk sales to both warring goats❌

❌Congrats! Trump had a Haircut❌ Talk to the Organ-Grinder, not the Monkey❌

Here’s the Deal Boys… Melania will appear nude for the Inauguration Ceremony. Go get her

“I’ll Dress a Chimp but not Melania Trump” ❌

Tom Ford Refused to Dress Melania Trump Says His Clothes Are 'Too Expensive' For Her To Wear As First Lady (Despite Making A Custom Gown For Michelle Obama) One of America's most talented and iconic fashion designers has revealed that he has no desire to dress Melania Trump in his clothes - and has already refused to work with her in the past. Tom Ford stopped by The View on Wednesday to talk about his new film Nocturnal Animals, and spent some time talking about first lady...

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