Thursday, December 8, 2016

❌ Operation Osama's Mom❌


It took CIA 15 years to kill her and 22 months to fabricate story for MediaWhores. They deployed Anglosexual thugs to fffu… and shttt… smeared her PILOT, 66 slanderous libelous slurred audio statement, insult, slight, slander, libel, innuendo in 3 minutes 32 seconds until he’s gone suicidal, overshot runway and crushed Phenom 300 jet in carpark. British Hooligans used cheap mind control method that can work on mediocre Palestinian pilot as Mazen Salim Alqasim, who’s flying the doomed Bin Laden Private Jet. Don’t jump... wait until trump is impeached❌ come on girls... Langley Boys ain’t that smart.  the INCIDENT is kinda poetic justice executed by unemployable Britons, who’re sacked unpaid by Bin Laden when his construction business crashed.

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