Saturday, December 24, 2016

❌Mayor Menard Ass is smoked in French Courts for being too stooopid to suck Geert Wilders’ Cock❌


Robert Menard, far-right French mayor, 'to be tried on hate charges'

BBC News - ‎Dec 22, 2016‎
A far-right French mayor is to be tried on hate charges over comments that include a claim the number of Muslim students in his city was a "problem", media and judicial sources say. Robert Menard will face charges of incitement to hatred or discrimination.

Far-right French mayor to be tried over Muslim comments

RFI - ‎Dec 22, 2016‎
Menard prompted outrage in October by putting up anti-migrant posters and calling for a local referendum ahead of the arrival of asylum-seekers in his town. Under the headline "That's It, They're Coming", is an image of a crowd of migrants, all of them ...

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