Wednesday, November 23, 2016

⚠️ Why Trump Won? Democrats’ Tribalism, warlords attitoood forced Americans to hire a Common thug as Trump to Fuck the Whole World. ⚠️

⚠️ Don’t bother reading David Banks takes, quote “For 70 years, Distrust Dynamics dampened by World Order that ensured U.S. STABILITY through the promise that shows restraint and guarantees security. But with TRUMP election – a man who ain’t keep his promises, and frequently lies — The current world stability received body blow. Trust in U.S. will collapse, and take Global Order with it “unquote. Just pay attention to what Victor Davis Hanson wrote: “Democratic Party handed Trump rare opportunity to radicalize electoral map to last for years. First, Democrats gifted Trump the ongoing party radicalization under Obama. After 2008, it ain’t was no working, middle classes party no mo, but lopsided political pyramid. Cynical elites turned up in WikiLeaks John Podesta email trove: self-important media members, Ivy League grandees, Silicon Valley billionaires, Wall Street plutocrats and coastal corridor snobs. They talk left-wing but live royally. They court minorities to vote in lockstep, then deride them in private. Vast lower tier of the party comprises government employees, poor, minorities, and millions dependent on state and federal assistance. Democrats in between were ignored, and so they kept fleeing party. Look at red/blue election map. Democratic strength retreated to inner cities and rich coastal suburbs. Democrats, in suicidal fashion, stoked racial chauvinism, or notion that one's tribe should transcend all other affiliations. After pandering to various minority groups, Hillary believed that they would forget her emphasis on race and ethnicity to vote for her, a 69-year-old white multimillionaire. ⚠️

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