Friday, November 25, 2016

⚠️Now I Feel Better⚠️

False Shiite Win in Mosul featured by Reuters and Associated Press, hit me by stupid stick, I huffed and puffed, until I broke into a cold sweat, as I read Suicide Truck Bomb killed 100 Iranian pilgrims in Iraq. ⚠️ Don’t blame yourself. It ain’t your war no mo.  Its Iran’s Gettysburg and whatever left outta Hydrocarbons Thieving Thuggeries. Whatever Dunford is puffing ain’t weed! ISIL just looted the whole fleeing Iraqi army arms & munition around Baghdad while his WARLORDs fucking themselves in Mosul. Look into the photo below… at US Troops Zombies Body-Language. They’re scared to death as if they’ve seen ghosts. Go back home losers. ⚠️

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