Wednesday, November 23, 2016


⚠️ U.S. Airstrike in Syria Kills Senior al-Qaida Leader. According to law of gravity, HITTING ISIS pickup by supersonic fighter jet is as easy as hitting camel testicles…haha. It’s easier to pop Rupert Murdoch or Françoise Hollande than hair-trigger temper Baghdadi Sophomores. That’s what Americans deserve; lying warriors. They’re giving Baghdadi what he wants? Prime Time Publicity. To hit ISIS pickup by Drone or Pterosaur as CF-18 or F-35, PMCs bill corrupt DoD FATASS Generals $800,000 per hit. Hitting target ain’t that reliable. Its accuracy merely 08%. For PMCs, it’s cheaper to give Baghdadi boys $500 to lit firecracker in a junkyard, videograph it, and call it ‘drones kill’ to please FOXNEWS, and pocket DoD’s $800K instead. Every time I hear the word ‘AIRSTRIKE’ from RADM Kirby my dead PHALLUS gets a 17-hour permanent erection because the word ‘AIR’ is penis and ‘ISIS’ fore-text is ‘AEZZ’ means vagina in Arabic. hahaha… come on girls... go ahead and hate me. I agree fully with Ann Coulter how rightly described the Republican stupidity, arrogance and narcissism. I was confused until I read this: “America is in the fight of its life and if this country dies, the world dies”. Everything went fine until Ann Coulter said: ‘the world dies’. She lost me. He who talks out loud is ‘Nobody’ Hahahaa. Wow Baghdadi is masturbating again. Memorize your line and deliver. Quit mimicking. Watch the camera not the chalkboard. Buy decent teleprompter. Quit Fucking News. ⚠️

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