Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gary Johnson brings in $5 million, “largest monthly haul of any Libertarian presidential candidate in 20 years.” – SUICIDE BOMBERS MAGAZINE

The former New Mexico governor brings in $5 million, "the largest monthly haul of any Libertarian presidential candidate in at least 20 years."
by Matt Welch
Libertarian, Republican candidates within the margin of error among U.S. military personnel; Hillary Clinton trails by more than 20 percentage points.
by Anthony L. Fisher
The costs of a moratorium would far outweigh any conceivable security benefit.
by Jacob Sullum
The next president could choose up to five Supreme Court Justices.
by John Stossel
Police say he was armed and an imminent threat; his family says he was reading a book in his car while waiting for his child.
by Anthony L. Fisher
"Gotta cover our ass."
by C.J. Ciaramella
Anthony Novak's parody of the Parma Police Department's Facebook page prompted a felony prosecution.
by Jacob Sullum
Campus P.C. is beginning to devour its own idealogical allies.
by Shikha Dalmia
They state that they are opposed to all forms of discrimination, but that's not exactly true.
by A. Barton Hinkle
Auburn University has issued a public-safety bulletin about the clown threat. Read it here.
by Jesse Walker

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