Thursday, May 26, 2016

Push to implement 'anti-Rohingya' law falls flat

TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR ROHINGYA MINORITY. Push to implement 'anti-Rohingya' law falls flat. 'Rohingya' ain’t 'Bengali' Bitch! They’re more Burmese than any. Some Myanmar citizens reject Suu Kyi's call to avoid terms like 'Rohingya' and 'Bengali'. Koh Tao Enigmas is a Thai delicacy as having dogs for breakfast and snakes for dinner! Rape and murder are systematically committed by Thai thugs, covered-up by corrupt underpaid Thai Police [boon] and lured poor Burmese Trafficked Rohingya Migrants in to it to be convicted instead. Fuck Beaches! European Backpackers Preppers flock Koh Tao looking for cheap POT and METH. They’re easy prey for Thai drug cartel to scavenge.  Poppy McPherson’s article paints vivid picture of  growing persecution of Rohingyas. Developing national pride in Myanmar seems to be going hand in hand with greater threats towards marginalized minorities. And recent dispute between US ambassador and Aung San Suu Kyi over using term Rohingya has drawn attention to their easy dismissal in Myanmar.

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