Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Before 911 Bill gets Abu Dhabi bankrupt !

Before 911 Bill gets Abu Dhabi bankrupt ! Ain’t it about time to invest in Baghdadi than fucking each other burning Al-Nahyan Treasuries in Failing Mars Hoaxes? Washington kept Middle East in Khamenei’s custody. For now he’s the only US Trusted dog down-here. Here’s the deal girls.. 5 sectors are fucking USA economy. Chasing Osama, USDA, Foodstamps, PantagonJunk and Good Ol’ NASA. Never mind about thousands of lost spacecrafts drifting hayway. Just CALL 1-800-Boeing to know how many THOUSANDS of unorbited satellites lost in space. Elachi [الحاجي] Hezbollah’s voodoocraft con-master is luring Abu Dhabi to purchase fuckedup American space program bankruptcies. 

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