Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chris Hedges: Saudi Arabia Plays a ‘Dark Role’ in the Middle East, Empowered by US

According to Baghdadi Huffington Saudi is dumping $750B of TBs. Potus smelled kinda Hank Paulson’s Armpit déjà vu to strike Gazillionaire before his exit next December. He’s rushing to Riyadh to clinch his cut before Paul Ryan evaporates his commission. Republicans are running outta cash to get the White House back from the Dems. This insipid breaking is obtuse, stooopid and unintelligent because Bruce Riedel was moaning and mooning in Brookings on April 14, 2016 5:08pm that Potus is off to Riyadh without saying that Paul Ryan went to Israel to suck Benjamin Netanyahu’s cock on Easter and got fucked for free. I just wonder who paid his airfare to Tel Aviv and folk back home.

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