Wednesday, August 19, 2015

With scholar's killing, ISIL steps up war on history - Yahoo Maktoob News

ISIS unprivileged grassroots movements ain’t ungrateful scavenging thuggery hyenas and dumb to kill a scholar unless Khaled al-Asaad deflategated. Discovery Channel, National Geography, UNESCO and many unemployable Archeologists ain’t but PMCs. They loot valuables outta excavation sites while natives away leaving for the dumb host country trash to be placed in their local museums. Should the same PMCs are invited to dig excavation sites for instance in Dubai or Abu Dhabi where they got too much money but no history then the PMCs will dump those stolen artifacts from Iraq and Syria in the UAE excavation sites to please their new victims and stay employed for ever here. History is scam. If ISIS found Khaled al-Asaad guilty for heinous misdemeanor s and the disappearance of antiquities then he deserved beheading because artifacts are 7000 years old human irreplaceables. They ain’t neither artifacts nor antiquities in Iraq or Syria. Its cheap gypsum replicas to fool fools. Most of Iraqi & Syrian Artifacts were ganophed by Saddam and Assad family and the rest were looted by US Troops & PMCs at gunpoint and sold to private collections during Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and that black whore; Rice Fuckocrasy in Iraq and now in Syria. Some leftovers were Uhauled by Hezbollah, Muqtada and his Shiite militants to enrich their Iranian Masters’ Museums in Tehran. Be my guest. Go and see.

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