Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Man in yellow shirt is focus of Bangkok bombing probe – The Boston Globe | Liberalism is Trust Fucked with Prudence. Conservatism is Distrust Tainted with Fear

Royal Thai police pledged $28K reward for One Hundred Million Dollar Bomber capture of the backpacker wearing a YELLOW T-shirt. Royal Thai Police Commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang is a fool if it’s his idea because the backpacker left the country by now.

Oh. It’s a pipe bomb. I smell Tianjin 'almond scent' in Erawan. Anusonadisai Nattasuda. Cry of Distress answered. Go fuck yourselves. Joke Thieves! Bangkok all yours. Tell us how did they outfucked you and let it happens from under your ears? You’re supposed to be the good guys. Even better than Democracy. Go on we’re all adults. Don’t worry grassroots ain’t interested to crush your fiction. They’re playing Mahjong.

"We’ll hunt ‘em down," Prawit Wongsuwon said. Wow! The Defense Minister is really pissed. 

To report outta Thailand; Mediawhores got to be deceptive and black-belt liars lest they offend either the King or the Junta and end up 30 years in prison. Report what they like to read or they’re fish food.

BBC Defense, Diplomatic Correspondent Jonathan Marcus ain’t that honest to say that bombing targeted Bangkok police headquarter which reside over Erawan Shrine. He went fastrack fiction as usual cursing and accusing Thai Muslim Insurgency and Deported Uighurs. It’s a miracle Rohingya are neglected by BBC’s conspiracy theorists. Hold on. You’ll get your share of Bullcrap. Just wait. The National Police Chief Somyot Poompummuang gone on News cooking spree to save himself. Somyot hit the whorehouses arresting anything moving in his way hoping it’s a Muslim to reconstruct an arrest story soon for you to post and to restore Junta’s diminishing image.

21 hours ago I was troubled watching Thai Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn wearing very offensive BLUE T-shirt leading bike ride to celebrate his mother Queen Sirikit, 83 role. OK I get it’s the competition. Thaksin Shinawatra irked and asked his RED T-shirts to go to plan-B. Call 1-800-Baghdadi. Bomb the hell outta of Erawan Shrine. By the way Erawan Shrine ain’t dedicated to Hindu God Brahma as BBC’s jackass journalist alleged. It’s Thai hookers’ favorite Four-Faced Buddha who forgives Prostitoots sins after opening their legs wide-up high all night long like Seven-Eleven and come marching over from the surrounding Chao Phraya I & II brothels to Erawan Shrine steroid Buddha for forgiveness. Psst: there’s another WTC Shrine Buddha just sneeze away that’s specialized in gamblers, soccer speculators losses and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha dilemma. What’re you waiting for? Amazing! Go on begging.

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