Friday, June 12, 2015

UAE Paper: UN proposal for Libya has merit | WAM

FUCKOFF: Libya ain’t needing ‘cookbooks’ and ‘cheatsheets’from neither UAE nor UN. Over 4 decades; the World commended Muammar Gaddafi fuck Libya and Libyans. Nobody complained. Now that you know. Keep your little Willy tight between your legs and BUTTOFF.

Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan rushed to Riyadh from Mozambique leaving his delegation back there conducting Lemur business to avow that GCC ain’t supporting ISIS until another dumb FBI/CIA operative beheaded by Baghdadi in some Abu Dhabi Mall Lavatory.

Go Baghdadi Go! Join ISIS now and Win Free Penis Enlargement T-Shirt. Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. It’s free.

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