Wednesday, June 24, 2015

UAE Ambassador hosts Iftar for citizens in US | WAM

Quiescent UAE Embassies around the World sobered up retailing Ramadan as used tampon. Throwing away Iftar & Suhoor parties as releasing Apple-iOS 8 for free to ungrateful Anglosexuals, Geographical Muslims and apostates. Here’s the deal.. Let UAE mission dress-up National and mingle around unguarded. I betcha‘ll hear their screams in Dubai. ‘Go back to Africa sand monkeys and walking coffins’ that what foreign kids taught at school abroad.
Here’s an illustrated GoogledJunk breakings to go:
UAE Ambassador hosts Iftar for citizens in US
Emirates Red Crescent to implement Iftar project in Malaysia 
ERC offers Iftar meals in Lebanon - ERC offers Iftar meals in Lebanon 
Khalifa Foundation's iftar and date distribution project lunches in Malaysia 
UAE Embassy in Jakarta hosts mass iftar for 3000 Indonesians 
UAE Consulate in Barcelona launches Ramadan iftar project sponsored by Khalifa Foundation 
UAE embassies oversees KF's iftar projects in Belarus and Ireland 
UAE Embassy in Colombia implements Iftar Project 
UAE Embassy in Mexico implements iftar r project 
UAE Embassy in Nouakchott starts Iftar project 
UAE Embassy in Paris begins implementing Iftar Project 
UAE Mission to UN in Geneva supervises iftar project sponsored by Khalifa 
UAE's Embassy in Senegal oversees distribution of Ramadan food aid
Psst: they’re millions of starved Muslims around the world dying for being Muslims. Try Rohingya to begin. Boring. 

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