Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kuwait mourns after deadly Shia mosque attack - BBC News

Are you kidding? Kuwaitis are festively celebrating whilst the Fuckocrasy mourning, moaning and condemning Imambara dead. Baghdadi [if it’s confirmed] did what Kuwaitis told him to do? Why should he ditches the trenches that he’s fighting single handedly Iran and 188 countries, and rush to little Kuwait to bomb a fucking Imambara. He did what Kuwaitis chickenout to do? Before hitting streets; mourning, moaning and condemning the Emir or whoever must conduct a referendum without either prejudice nor bully harvesting [with] and [against] votes. Trust me. Now that you know! Do it before many of these to come. Just ask Kuwaitis one question what I asked Kuwaitis 6 years ago on YouTube; Are you Kuwaitis or Subhuman. The video pull down removed and the Iranian YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar suspended my channel. Now he’s fucking fired.
John Kirby’s crocodile tears. Wow imagine! US PMCs subcontracted Burundian Mercenaries in Somalia. Now they’re dead.
Fuck the second gunman. Just tell us why this shooting spree took place.
TRIFECTA: You gonna say: ‘Shutup jerk’ if I tell you that shooting beach goers in Sousse, killing 27 and injuring many ain’t connected to the beheading in France, killing 164 Kurds in Kobane.. Death Toll 24 in Kuwait Hotel attack.
They won’t stop until either Elvis or Jesus resurrect or both. Bombing Kuwaiti Imambara, killing 4 Shiite and injuring 8 ain’t hit and miss indiscriminate what Sunni Kuwaiti love to do if they allowed to. Shiite staggeringly growing influence is deadly.
Unlike Bahraini Shiite they ain’t turning Kuwait into Ayatollah Brothel. There’re sufficient hydrocarbon petrodollar surplus that they can enjoy being Kuwaiti Urban Parasites than ungrateful beasty Iranian sleepercells.
Top 10 Powerful Sunni of the world
1. Abubakar Baghdadi
2. Abubakar Shekau
3. Mullah Omar
4. Ayman al Zawahri
5. John McCain
6. Mokhtar Belmokhtar
7. Lindsey Graham
8. Abubakar Janjalani
9. Mohammed Morsi
10. Barack Husain Obama 

They won’t stop until either Elvis or Jesus resurrects or both. I warned you but you kept reposting Kurds selfies. Now look what’ve you done? Selfies is godsend for ISIS. It ain’t but a fuckedup Cowards notepad who timidly say their minds by graffiti public toilets. For the PICKLED Liz Taylor’s clitoris sake. Quit fucking the News. I told you to keep your mouth shut. Unless you’re enjoying innocents killed. Are you bored trying to get my attention or Baghdadi’s to go after kill, nab and behead Jade Helm-15 in ORANGE GITMO Nightgown on YouTube? You just created an exodus. Baghdadi boys like camels they neither forget nor forgive. Only Kurds déjà vu Halabcha. Should Kurds fuckup and kill an Arab. Baghdadi boys will reciprocate and come after hundreds of Kurds, Hezbollah, Shiite, Maronite Phalangists, Alawites, Iranians, Anglosexuals, geographical Muslim infidels.. You name it. 
Go Baghdadi Go! Join ISIS now and Win Free Penis Enlargement T-Shirt. Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. It’s free.

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