Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IS executes 5 men in al- Hasakah and Hama, while the warplanes attack areas in both provinces | Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IWould Do you remember my [ORANGE NIGHTGOWN] Warning! Cash in… quote:
Selfie ain’t NEWS but fuckedup Cowards notepad who usually say their minds by graffiti over public toilets walls. For Pickled Elvis penis sake. Quit fucking the News. I told you to keep your mouth shut. Unless you enjoy getting innocents killed. Are you bored trying to get my attention or Baghdadi’s to go after kill, nab and behead more Rednecks in ORANGE GITMO Nightgown on YouTube? See what have you done now? You just created an exodus. Baghdadi boys like our camels they neither forget nor forgive. Only Kurds déjà vu Halabcha. Should they fuckup and kill an Arab. Baghdadi boys will reciprocate and come after hundreds of Kurds, Hezbollah, Shiite, Maronite Phalangists, Alawites, Iranians, Anglosexuals, geographical Muslim infidels.. You name it.

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