Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Iraq's Prime Minister says after Paris meeting: 'We can make sacrifices to fight Islamic State, but international coalition has to support us' - @Reuters - breakingnews.com


Baghdadi ain’t settling for less than 50 Shiite kills for each Sunni. Compared to US Troops Genocides; Its meek modest poetic justice quadratic equation, the yanks and their poodles & PMCs killed 1000 Muslim elders, women and children for each American died farting during 911 making Richard Silverstein Gazillionaire. Hahaha. 

Go McCain’s Germs ❀ ๏̯͡๏, Graham’s Bugs ♥ ♫ go.

ISIS a shout away from Baghdad.

Iraqi Queerty Retaking Ramadi from ISIS as marching Honiggas to retake San Juan from Puerto Ricans. Is it a sufficient metaphor to understand what’s going down here? Even if Iraqis sucked up electing Iraq’s Prime Minister, President and speaker of the parliament Sunni. The answer is [NO]. Mediawhores really fucked Mediagenics mindset and turn ‘em to stooopid species. The world is getting dumber and dumber. Triumphalists, Mythmakers Propagandists rapping wardrums to intimidate Baghdadi to kill. Nice work. Hezbollah started it let ‘em finish it. Nassrullat is fucked, he got stroke watching Baghdadi boys intaking Hezbollah spoils. Don’t bother moderating. Go ahead and delete it. Its reblogged.

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