Saturday, June 6, 2015

Freedom Act will make snooping worse – Ron Paul — RT USA

Americans are too thick to see what’s coming? They’re fucked by 100 senators and 435 representatives of US Congress at day light. Ed Snowden is Redherring… here’s the Arabian Nights:

The Freedom Act [TFA] is Triumphalists and Mythmakers version of The Patriot Act [TPA]. TPA allows Psycho-Kleptomaniac Phone Paparazzis [PKPP] ganoph metadata of Americans and any human on planet earth that’s a threat to status quo and they sell the gathered metadata to the highest bidder. These gathered metadata ain’t moans and squeaky bed noises but priceless personal, valuable inside-trade secrets, serious corporate credits, rigged modules, codes, treasuries intelligence etc. TFA allows PKPP hire US Government Nutjobs [UGN] to do the dirty job for them. UGN can use guns, prison and renditions to please their PKPP masters.

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