Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DFM resumes losses in early trades; Amlak rises | Dubai Informer

DFM is Blue Jasmine movie. Damn you. RTA! Burned $26B to surge Yogurt price from 5 Cents to Dollar. Psst: Yogurt is Rotten Milk. With great wealth comes great responsibility – Aridni.

UAE ain’t only fucked due to catalysts absence as per Tarek Qaqish Necropsy but due to Stock Scam Elevator [SSE] suicide. Emaar was UAE’s Darling SSE now it’s outfucked for good by many unorthodox players alas THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK [NKOB] who’re fucking UAE market for power. The NKOB assets are Petrodollar Surplus and Gazillions of Indian Sperms that keeps Booze and Brothels running Concrete Jungle Sin Cities. Profit can wait. They’re pissing around marking their grounds as hyenas. Depleting Dubai revenues and overloading it with debts. Dubai is Blue Jasmine Movie. FAILING THE "VISION THING". UAE Market is outta control since the dancers whom the Ruler hired to fix are fucking it. The same dancers who crushed UAE market back in 2009 sold short and invested their money in Carcinogenic options that kept the market chaotic and beyond control driven by gossips and rigged modules. OPEC fuckup Redherring and Realty bendover is Bollywood. UAE fleetingly cash-lucky, acting as safe haven for Warlords and War fugitives’ who’re uhauling their loots galloping across UAE defunct businesses daydreaming prosperity. Idiots never learned. BAD LEADERS DON'T KNOW NUMBERS. Opacity killed UAE Market ain’t the slum did; because UAE Market ain’t that ‘too big to fail’. Transparency was and is still an act of crime down here. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Hard work, intelligence and capital ain’t either enough or perspective to make it down here. It’s Schadenfreude, Deception, Immorality and Indecency that turns losers rich and famous. Look around you and look at their finished product. Amazing! BAD LEADERS DON'T GET RID OF BAD PEOPLE. Voodoo is another option DFM considers besides its overpaid graft College Boys Junkscience to edutain its victims. “The hen sees snake’s feet and the snake sees hen’s boobs.” DFM is trading bankruptcies’ worthless papers.  BAD LEADERS DON'T CONTROL THE TAB. With great wealth comes great responsibility - Aridni

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