Friday, June 26, 2015

At least 27 dead in resort massacre as gunmen open fire with Kalashnikovs, Tunisia says | National Post

You gonna say: ‘Shutup jerk’ if I tell you that shooting beach goers in Sousse, killing 27 and injuring many ain’t connected to the beheading in France.

They won’t stop until either Elvis or Jesus resurrect or both. Bombing Kuwaiti Imambara, killing 4 Shiite and injuring 8 ain’t hit and miss indiscriminate what Sunni Kuwaiti love to do if they allowed to. Shiite staggeringly growing influence is deadly.

Unlike Bahraini Shiite they ain’t turning Kuwait into Ayatollah Brothel. There’re sufficient hydrocarbon petrodollar surplus that they can enjoying being Kuwaiti Urban Parasites than ungrateful beasty Iranian sleepercells.

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