Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Al-Qaeda Leader Not Listed Among Dead From U.S. Libya Strike | TIME

To cover-up Mokhtar Belmokhtar FUCKUP here’s a Redherring; Wahayshi. Mediawhores are desperate for a Life-Savoir Precedent especially when they played RADM Kirby Gigolos fool to chew the microphone confirming Mokhtar Belmokhtar death that ain’t. He’s still alive and kicking.
Why did DoD drop everything and came after Mokhtar Belmokhtar TODAY? Oh THE Jackass is al Qaida leader! Stooopid answer… Boring … not even close! Mokhtar Belmokhtar is bleeding Israel to death. Ain’t that blood … conspiracy theorists… It’s the Algerians’ Hydrocarbons that Israelis after to keep Abdelaziz Bouteflika in power to safeguard the status quo? Israel ain’t got gas deposit in the Mediterranean as she alleged. It’s a pumping station that left Algerian gas to Israel. Leviathan gas field is hoax. Israelis are too Jewish to fuck law of physics.
To hit pickup by Drone or Pterosaur as CF-18 or F-35 PMCs charge corrupt DoD FATASS Generals $800,000 per hit. Hitting target ain’t that reliable. It’s accuracy merely 08%. 
It’s more reliable and cheaper for PMCs to pocket DoD’s $800K and give Baghdadi boys $500 to lit firecracker in a junkyard instead, videograph it and call it ‘drones kill’. 
Every time I hear the word ‘AIRSTRIKE’ from RADM Kirby my dead PHALLUS gets a 17-hour permanent erection because the word ‘AIR’ is penis and ‘ISIS’ fore-text is ‘AEZZ’ means vagina in Arabic. hahaha… come on girls.. go ahead and hate me.
Memorize your line and deliver. RADM Kirby Ass!
Quit mimicking. 
Watch the camera not the chalkboard. 
Buy decent teleprompter.
Quit Fucking News.
I agree fully with Ann Coulter how rightly described the Republican stupidity, arrogance and narcissism. I was confused until I read this: “America is in the fight of its life and if this country dies, the world dies”. Everything went fine until Ann Coulter said: ‘the world dies’. She lost me.
He who talks outloud is ‘Nobody’
Hahahaa. Wow Baghdadi is masturbating again 
Quit fucking FACTS for Elvis’s pickled penis sake. You’re too Jewish to be honest. 

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