Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Abu Dhabi set to build new Seychelles airport - Yahoo Maktoob News

Joke of the day.
If you buy 10% of blue chip IPO you own it. What happens if it ain’t? Etihad Airways bought 40 percent stake in state bankruptcy Air Seychelles in 2012 and ain’t owned yet it. Now Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC)  got to burn $$$$  to build new airport in the Seychelles. How about New Visa Status Change Airports in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain or Kish for fucked-out Lemigras? Trust me. Abu Dhabi will harvest more money here than wasting Petrodollars on Fatass Franco-Honiggas and in Mubadala’s Thai Brothels. Oil my Ass.
3 days ago I said: 
Unless this premise is fuckedup this breaking ain’t featured all over the headlines for the past 3 days. Quit fucking News losers for PICKLED Elvis penis sake..
Musabbeh Al Ka’abi burned $350 million buying KrisEnergy and Palang Sophon bankruptcies to fill starving Sriracha Refinery with ghost crude that allegedly collected from Jasmine, Manora and now Nong Yao. These are brothel names ain’t well fields. Finding oil there as fucking Mamasang for virginity. Exxon is bedding Thai Oil for awhile and being outfucked. Exxon must extorted Mubadala into it or else the usual kahbooom. Why the hell Exxon, KrisEnergy and Palang Sophon would give away their Profits and privilege Mubadala. They can go to any bank instead and strike rich without having Mubadala calling the shots and eating up their revenue if any? And now How Musabbeh Al Ka’abi gonna collect MUBADALA’s money back when crude is destined to $19.00? I’ll take Mubadala seriously when it’ll reduce Dubai filling stations car Queues that are second to Cairo or fill al-Battha Road potholes that kills unnoticed. I just wanted Musabbeh Al Ka’abi and his wife dress-up local and walk by Abu Dhabi investment there. I betcha they’ll be arrested as a terrorist sand monkey and a walking coffin trying to blowup Sriracha.
INEPTOCRACY is Fuckocrasy Government system where moron extraordinaire are selected by unemployables, and rewarded with goods and services paid for by confiscated wealth.

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