Tuesday, June 16, 2015

3rd Man Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem Arrested in Garland ‘Draw Muhammad’ Shooting | pundit from another planet

Where the fuck is Keith Ellison, André Carson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Menajahtwa Muthafukahuh hypocrites. 
Muslims commit only 2%, while radical Jews commit 9 % of terrorist attacks 
wazzamatter, Jade Helm Bozos ? Afraid to shit with the big dogs? 
PSST: ‘In America, We Shoot Muslims and Blacks in the Back’
Damn fools! Don’t blame me for your menopause when watching another REDNECK nabbed and beheaded in Orange Gitmo Nightgown on Fox.
Jade Helm Bozos dressed-up cops and Hezbollah in FBI posing as AGENTS extrajudicially executing Muslims who ain’t taking their shit, join ‘em and partner their crime.

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