Monday, March 2, 2015

Parsi is too Iranian to be smart to get. Don’t be scared. Raiding Iranian nukes rehearsal by Israel is a fact Netanyahu must quit fucking himself. Israel, Saudi and its GCC Poodles know very well that Iran nuke ain’t to bomb the TRIO BUBBLE FART but to nuke Baghdadi if he has an access to Pakistani & Chechen Nuke stockpile to flat Iran to the ground. Now that you know. If the Americans that dumb to know that Israel, Saudi and its GCC poodles buddies then they seriously need to check with their Gynecologists for Paraphilic infantilism, Formicophilia, Troilism/Cuckoldism, Abasiophilia, Omorashi, Frotteurism, Bug chasing, Symphorophilia, Sacofricosis, Vorarephilia.

US-ISRAELI BILATERAL RELATIONS: It’s Not About Nukes, It’s About The US Shifting The Power Balance -PARSI | Chainsoff's Blog

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