Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Jewish Press » » Obama Plotting to Undermine Netanyahu’s Speech in Congress Go Potus Go ✡ fuck Israel. ✡ fuck AIPAC. BOEHNER: IS HE FUCKING HIMSELF OR FUCKING BENJAMIN NETANYAHU OR BOTH.

Go Potus Go
fuck Israel.
fuck AIPAC.
On March 13. Bibi is gonna
standup before US Congress 100 extorted senators and 435 corrupt
representatives. These clowns are ordered by Israel to deliver before the
camera more than 21 stand ovations and 3 kowtows to Netanyahoo or they’re
history.. The Israeli Jackass will mimic Masoud Barzani to deliver
MediaWhoresManure written by some joke kleptomaniac Jew speechwriter literally
from “Politico”.
For Netanyahoo; going in and outta
WhiteHouse like using Public Toilet on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest,
Washington, DC 20500, United States.
As Potus Obama still can fuck Israel and prevent Netanyahoo plane land in
Washington DC. That’s needs balls and boldness that he ain’t.
Their founding fathers killed 160
million Red Indians in ethnic cleansing wars and Churchill had FDR murder 63
million Europeans in WWII to get a Jackass as Netanyahoo deliver another State
of Union in Congress to square Obama.
Boehner begged Bibi to deliver
another State of Union.
The big whorehouse at the Hill lost its glamour after the
Republicans got both the House and the Senate.
Here’s the deal Bibi… go back to Nigeria where you belong, bleached Nigga.
That’s what your DNA says. It ain’t nice to keep Bokoharam sharpening their
machetes forever.
What’s the big deal? No one is hurt. Palestinians ain’t taking their plight
seriously. They’re fucking Palestine. They’re playing hide and seek with Jews
to attract attention. Tel Aviv Bus stabbing is a local police matter and must
not be posted all over headlines. If Israelis want to save themselves they got
to flee to Nigeria. If Palestinians loathe evicting them, someone will. Jews
know that better.
Benjamin Netanyahu lost his mind
since the Republicans’ Victory. He thinks he owns America now. To please this
psycho Republicans got to hurry up and move US capital from Washington DC to
Tel Aviv. You never know. Everything is possible when Boehner and McConnell duo
at the helm. The first hardly sober and the later can’t remember the ranking
member’s name.
Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu is
Canine Braggart Jackass! He lost his mind when he realized that the Republicans
occupied the House and the Senate as the Stateless Jews occupied Palestine and
he can fuck himself whenever, wherever, however and anywhere he likes. Oh no.
Go fuck yourself BITCH. Arafat is
wanted felon so are you? Zionist clitoris!
Palestinians Traitors are fucking
each other again. The scumbags are burning mosques to lure Israelis into
politics rather than real time war to buy time for the warring partners; Bibi,
Abbas and Haneyah to fuck the plight and extort American Jews for more arms
& money for Israel and handouts for Abbas and Haneyah. Especially after
Egypt’s most violent militant group swore allegiance to ISIS, its Bibi, Abbas
and Haneyah worst nightmare.
Palestinians ain't worth urine
pour on their wounds unless they go after every Israeli and framed as Roger
Arabs are like camels ain’t
neither forgetting nor forgiving.

I fully agree with Ann Coulter
how she rightly described the Republican Stupidity, Arrogance and Narcissism. I
was confused until I read this: “America is in the fight of its life and if
this country dies, the world dies”. Everything went fine until Ann Coulter
said: ‘the world dies’. She lost me.

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