Monday, February 9, 2015

Shashi Tharoor is eccentric controversial con master. He’s snacking Afzul Guru to wipe off his scandalous image of inset murder. Afzul Guru was murdered by Indian President Abdul Kalam. The jackass could easily could let him go but he was too coward as Tahroor. Shinde and Miniature Midget Bangali Indian Prez whos’ scatting in Rashtrapati Bhawan for the past 4 years let Afzul Guru hanging fastrack. J&K zombies should go fuck themselves now. They could saved Afzal Guru then by kidnapping Modi’s mom or Anna Hazara or Amit Shah’s Boyfriend. Afzal Guru ain’t neither dead nor terrorists he’s martyr. His soul was trapped in his earthly body since he’s captured. Now he’s free to enjoy his heavenly rewarded Eternity. One country's Terrorist, another's Freedom Fighter.

Afzal Guru's hanging 'wrong', Shashi Tharoor tweets - The Times of India

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