Friday, February 13, 2015

Jon Stewart: "Did I Die"? Oh no Jon. Hannity ain’t qualified to be your janitor. ABC given No choice to Jon Stewart but to swallow his words, turncoat and mimic Rush-Limbaugh and Ann-Coulter as ventriloquist or he’s fired. ABC ain’t that stoic to tolerate Jon Stewart humor while the Republicans fuccking the House, the Senate and masturrbating over getting the White House. Jon Stewart is predator to ABC endangered species especially as Republicans endorsing FOXNEWS Rednecks Trailer-Park White-Trash Jackass Journalism as humor and the code of New American Religion. Fucck Brian Williams. Stephen Colbert, ended his show "The Colbert Report" to succeed David Letterman as host of "Late Show" on CBS. Jon Stewart retirement justification ain’t convincing me.are you kidding. He’s saving his pension.

Hannity: Jon Stewart Smart, Funny, but 'Has His Head Up Obama’s Ass' - Breitbart

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