Sunday, February 22, 2015

ISIS ain't that thick to post vulnerable videography. Baghdadi is fighting 20 armies single handedly over 6 battle zones. Would you like to have Baghdadi’s Nemesis List that he conquered as we speak? Don’t be afraid just speak out. ISIS is HIT AND RUN No-PRISONER UNDERDOG. Baghdadi ain’t that dumbb to waste ammo in stalemate and tend prisoners’ wounds he’s a sitting duck if he foolishly did. Ruling captured commonwealth needs logistics and support that it ain’t. Destroying $10K Islamic State Pickup Truck Cost PMC Half Million Dollars a accuracy rate of 18%. I love to watch how ISIS Doom draining out Warlords Treasuries struggling to save thuggery status quo. Baghdadi’s Nemesis are fighting for their lives. Sorry for my French. Whenever I hear the word ‘AIRSTRIKE’ from RADM Kirby my dead PHALLUS gets a permanent 17-hour errection because the word ‘AIR’ is pennis and ‘ISIS’ fore-text is ‘AEZZ’ means vaggina in Arabic. hahaha… come on girls.. It’s OK. Go ahead and hate me. It’s so disgusting.

ISIS 'Special Forces' Training Video Shows Ridiculous Regimen - Breitbart

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