Monday, February 9, 2015

Ambanis is another stooopid Redherring to lure Delhi into conspiracy theory. The scumbag duo lost all their loots saving DreamWorks from going bust and to stop Steven Spielberg commit suicide. Hollywood is subsidized don’t you get it? Don’t worthy the worthless they ain’t worth Naya Paisa HSBC is bankrupt Seigniorage Bankster since 2009 slum and ain’t yet recovered. Leaking 6000 document of Rich, Famous deposits and Fuckocrasy loots is an inside job as wikileaks Schadenfreude literally masterminded by the FEDs and BoE to fool the whole world that HSBC is safe and keep uhauling your money in.

Swiss leaks: HSBC admits lapses, Ambanis deny having illegal accounts - The Times of India

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