Thursday, February 12, 2015

According to grassroots Jordan Moves ‘Thousands’ of Troops to Iraq Border to stop Baghdadi who already invaded Jordanian soil. The Midget is fucked. The Midget bluffed Abe and pocketed Japan’s $200M Ransom Money to talk Baghdadi outta beheading Japanese hostage Imbroglio Duo. To Abdulla’s surprise Baghdadi beheaded both ahead and burned Jordan Puer Aeternus pilot alive as token expressing his loyalty to Abdulla. The Kingling retaliated as Gorm Lummy Flummox Gonoph Richard Cranium and went bombing nested American Hostages targets over Syria murdering Kayla Mueller in coldblood. His ass is Baghdadi’s. I thought Abdullah had Plan-B. What a fucking looser? Now that Mediawhores ditched Jordan for dogs looking for new thrill elsewhere. Answer my question.

Jordanian air force jets resume bombing raids against Islamic State | Reuters

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