Friday, February 20, 2015

138 days ago I posted in times of India. Quote: Pentagon needs Chuck Norris to chase al-Shabab outta Mogadishu. Whoever sponsored this breaking save his money and rename Somalia from Somaland to al-Shababland. How would one feel safe when the Pentagon at-large conducted Chuck Norris Operation to headhunt al-Shabab Co-founder and pronounce him dead without Mugshot? There’re thousands of Ahmed Abdi al-Muhammad aliases in al Shabab, which one are we talking about? Ahmed Godane my Ass! Mediawhores posted this trash earlier that Alshabab Chief and 6 militant murdered. Now DoD says they ain’t any. Just another boring bullshit for Potus to crow about next in S. Brady Press Briefing Room to tame the assembled mediwhores there. Quit fucking yourselves! You will get a lot of TRAITORS killed and you will lose a lot of SKUNKS who feed you trash and turn you to laughingstocks.

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